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Ambulatory EEG Recordings

When you need an EEG, it can be a scary, frustrating time as a patient.  Whether this is your first EEG test or your tenth, you want to be sure your test is handled by experts - and that's why AER has only technologists that are registered with ABRET - the industry standard for EEG testing.  With registered techs, AER ensures that your EEG collects the highest quality data, giving your physician the best information for your situation.

We bring the test to you - with all the right equipment, expertise and instructions for you, and we use compassionate technologists who get your EEG started and answer all your questions.  Our goal is for your EEG test to be as easy and comfortable as possible.

On the technical side, our results match or exceed any industry standard.  Our medical director is one of the foremost experts in seizure care, epilepsy and EEG's - so you can be assured you are receiving the best medical results possible.

Whether you are a patient or a physician, check out our information on this website, and be sure to get your EEG from Ambulatory EEG Recordings, the leader in in-home neurodiagnostics.